John A. Litvaitis

Research Interests

  • Effects of contemporary land uses on wildlife populations, especially species that are hampered by habitat fragmentation
  • Understanding and limiting the effects of invasive plants on wildlife
  • Carnivore ecology
NH Bobcat Project


  • 1984 Ph.D. (Wildlife Management), University of Maine
  • 1978 M.S. (Wildlife Ecology), Oklahoma State University
  • 1975 B.S. (Wildlife Management), magna cum laude, University of New Hampshire

Teaching Responsibilities

  • NR 740/840: Inventory and Monitoring of Ecological Communities
  • NR 750: Sustaining Biological Diversity in Human-Dominated Landscapes
John Litvaitis
Wildlife Ecology


Recent Publications


     Broman, D.J.A., J.A. Litvaitis, M. Ellingwood, P. Tate, and G. Reed.  2014.  Modeling bobcat distributions       using incidental observations and telemetry locations: are the results comparable?  Wildlife Biology: In press.
Fenderson, L.E.,  A.I. Kovach, J.A. Litvaitis, K. O’Brien, K. Boland, and W. Jakubas. 2014. Genetic structure and connectivity of the New England cottontail (Sylvilagus transitionalis) in a highly-fragmented landscape.  Ecology and Evolution 4:1853-1875.
Fickenscher, J.L., J. A. Litvaitis, T. D. Lee; and P. C. Johnson.  2014.  Insect responses to invasive shrubs: implications to managing thicket habitats in the northeastern United States.  Forest Ecology and Management 322:127-135.
Wellington, K., C. Bottom, C. Merrill, and J.A. Litvaitis.  2014.  Identifying performance differences among trail cameras used to monitor forest mammals. Wildlife Society Bulletin: In press.
Litvaitis, J.A., J.L. Norment, K. Boland, K. O’Brien, R. Stevens, D. Keirstead, T. Lee, J. Oehler, J. Taylor, S. Bickford, and M. Tarr.  2013.  Toward consensus-based actions that balance invasive plant management and conservation of at-risk fauna.  Environmental Management 52:1313-1319.
Fenderson, L.E., A.I. Kovach, J.A. Litvaitis, and M.K. Litvaitis.  2011.  Population genetic structure and history of fragmented remnant populations of the New England cottontails (Sylvilagus transitionalis).  Conservation Genetics 12:943–958.
Weidman, T. and J.A. Litvaitis.  2011. Can supplemental food increase winter survival of a threatened cottontail rabbit?  Biological Conservation 144:2054-2058.

Weidman, T. and J.A. Litvaitis.  2011.  Are small habitats being overlooked in grassland bird conservation?  Northeastern Naturalist 18:207-216.

 Selected Service Activities

  • University Animal Care and Use Committee
  • Member of Editorial Boards of Acta Zoologica Lithuanica and Northeast Naturalist
  • Coordinator and host of the 80th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Mammalogists (5 days meeting attend by ~500 scientists, largest meeting ever held at UNH)
  • Organizer and host of a two-day conference: Shrublands and early-successional forests of the northeastern United States- critical habitats dependent on disturbance (papers from this meeting were published in a special issue of Forest Ecology and Management)
  • Associate Editor of the Journal of Mammalogy
  • Editor of Northeast Wildlife