NREN Faculty Directory

John Aber

John D. Aber

126 Nesmith Hall
Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling in Forest Ecosystems, Including Effects of Atmospheric Deposition & Climate Change

Heidi Asbjornsen

Heidi Asbjornsen
270 James Hall

Ecosystem Ecology, Plant Ecophysiology, and Ecohydrology; Land-Use and Climate
Change Impacts; Sustainable Management of Forests and Agroecosystems

Kimberly Babbitt

Catherine M. Ashcraft
134 James Hall
International environmental governance; Negotiation and conflict resolution; Water resource management; Adaptive environmental institutions; Environmental policy and planning; Sustainability; Deliberative processes

Dr. Shadi Attalah

Shadi Atallah
G68 James Hall
Bio-economics of pests, diseases, and invasive species; spatial-dynamic externalities; management of nonconsumptive wildlife recreation; economics of food supply chain localization; spatial simulation models.

Kimberly Babbitt

Kimberly J. Babbitt

G15C Rudman Hall
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Wetland Wildlife Ecology; Amphibian Ecologyand Behavior; Effects of Landscape Changes on Wetland-Dependent Organisms

David Burdick

David M. Burdick
266 James Hall
Ecology, Restoration and Assessment of Coastal Wetlands, with Emphasis on Salt Marshes and Seagrass Meadows

John Carroll

John E. Carroll

272 James Hall

Land Ethics and The College of Agriculture, The Wisdom of Small Farms and Local Food:Aldo Leopold's Land Ethic and Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainability and Spirituality


Russell Congalton

Russell G. Congalton
164 James Hall
Spatial Data Uncertainty/Map Accuracy and Applied Research Applying the tools of Remote Sensing, GIS, and Spatial Data Analysis to Solving Natural Resource Problems

Kelly Cullen

Kelly L. Cullen
262 James Hall
Non-Market Economics Relating to Wildlife, Public Lands and Forestry in the U.S., Real Estate, and Green Building

Mark Ducey

Mark J. Ducey
G64 James Hall
Forest inventory, Management, and Analysis

Serita Frey

Serita D. Frey
172 James Hall
Soil Microbial Ecology Lab

Microbial Community Structure and Function in Response to Environmental Change

Mary Friedman

 Mary Adamo Friedman
G62 James Hall

Community Development, Community Planning

Stuart Grandy

Stuart Grandy
G66 James
Soil Biogeochemistry, Soil Ecology, and Agricultural Ecosystem Science

John Halstead

 John M. Halstead
138 James Hall
Economic Considerations in Municipal Solid Waste Disposal

Theodore Howard

Theodore E. Howard
Interim Associate Dean for Faculty and Strategic Partnerships
Rudman Hall G15D
Forest Management and Forest Industry in New England and Atlantic Canada

Paul Johnson

Paul C. Johnson
258 Spaulding Hall
Insect Ecology and Forest Entomology

Stephen Jones

Stephen H. Jones
206A Jackson Lab
Environmental Microbiology and Toxicology, Bacterial Source Tracking, Mercury Cycling

Adrienne Kovach

Adrienne I. Kovach
Molecular Ecology Lab
G87 Rudman Hall

Molecular Ecology, Population Biology and Conservation Genetics of Vertebrates

Thomas Lee

Thomas D. Lee
128 James Hall
Effects of Natural and Human Disturbance, and Invasive Plants, on the Structure and Plant Species Composition of Temperate Forest Communities

John Litvaitis

John A. Litvaitis
130 James Hall
Wildlife Responses to Changes in Land Use, Especially Human Activities that Fragment Habitats



Marian Litvaitis

Marian K. Litvaitis
166 James Hall
Conservation Genetics, Phylogeography,
and Molecular Systematics of Animals
Alberto Manalo

Alberto B. Manalo
126 James Hall
Sustainable and Local Agriculture,
Rural Economic Development

William McDowell

 William H. McDowell

170 James Hall
Ecosystem Ecology and Watershed Management

Clayton Mitchell

Clayton R Mitchell
168 James Hall
Sustainability, Community and Environmental Planning, Sustainable Energy

Scott Ollinger

Scott V. Ollinger

445 Morse Hall

Forest Ecology and Biogeochemistry,
Effects of Climate Change and Air Pollution, Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling, Ecosystem Modeling, Remote Sensing and Regional Ecological Analysis

Peter Pekins

 Peter J. Pekins

114A James Hall
Interim Department Chair

Bioenergetics and Management of Wildlife

Jonathan Pennock

Jonathan R. Pennock
102 Chase Ocean Engineering Lab
Estuarine Biogeochemistry;
Phytoplankton Ecology; Eutrophication;
Harmful Algal Blooms

 Jennifer Purrenhage
156 James Hall
Contemporary Conservation Issues & Environmental Awareness

Robert Robertson

 Robert A. Robertson

G70 James Hall
Tourism, Community Development, Human
Dimensions of Natural Resource Management and Development

Andrew Rosenberg

Rebecca Rowe
136 James Hall
Lab Website

Vertebrate Community Ecology, Landscape Ecology

Frederick Short

 Frederick T. Short
1A Jackson Lab
Ecology of Seagrass Ecosystems

Richard Smith

Richard G. Smith
264 James Hall

Agroecology; Sustainable Agricultural Systems; Weed Ecology and Management; Invasive Plant Ecology and Management; Terrestrial Plant Community Ecology

Debra Straussfogel

Debra Straussfogel
268 James Hall
Sustainability education; Sustainability literacy assessment;Systems thinking and methodology for sustainability.

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James T. Taylor
174 Spaulding Hall

Vertebrate Population Ecology

Wilfred Wollheim

Wilfred M. Wollheim
276 James Hall
Aquatic Biogeochemistry/Modeling

Jon Wraith

Jon M. Wraith
G15E Rudman Hall
Director, NHAES
Dean of the College of Life Sciences & Agriculture


Faculty Directory

Extension Faculty

Karen Bennett

Karen P. Bennett
212 Nesmith Hall
Forest Resources; Private Forest Landowners

Julia Peterson

Julia M. Peterson
Kingman Farmhouse
Community Based Water Resource
Protection and Estuarine Water Quality

Sarah Smith

Sarah S. Smith

210 Nesmith Hall
Forest Industry, Timber Harvesting,Sawmills, Log Scaling

Michael Sciabarrasi

Michael R. Sciabarrasi

204 Nesmith Hall

Farm Management, Agribusiness

Matthew Tarr

Matthew D. Tarr
216 Nesmith Hall
Land Management for Timber, Wildlife Habitat, Water Resources, Recreation and Aesthetics